BCL::PDBCompare is a C++ based application, created by Vanderbilt University's Meiler Laboratory, which is part of a larger library of applications called BCL::Commons.  BCL::PDBCompare is a utility for calculating the structural differences between protein models. A variety of comparison algorithms are available such as RMSD.

Running BCL::PDBCompare consists of two main steps.

1) Get at least two protein structures in PDB format.

2) Run BCL::PDBCompare to calculate any number of comparisons between the models

At a command prompt, navigate to the location of your BCL::PDBCompare executable program.


Information concerning syntax and flags can be obtained by typing bcl.exe PDBCompare -help

For more general information about the product, type bcl.exe PDBCompare -readme

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Windows x86 (32-bit)
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