About our webservers
Audience Our webservers are primarily intended for use by the academic and non-profit community

Commercial users may operate our webservers only for the purposes of evaluating our software

For BCL:: webservers, all users, commercial and otherwise, can obtain licenses for offline use from VUInnovations (fee applies for commercial users)
Job Submission To access a webserver, click the name of the desired server from the table above and fill out the form and click Submit when finished

Hover over icons and input fields on the form to learn more about the expected input

Required parameters are denoted with a *

For some file fields, you may be able to input the file by your choice of textbox or file upload
It is not necessary to clear out the default text from the textbox before submitting your job

It is also not necessary to enter an email or subject line, but it is helpful for accessing the results
Accessing your results
Updated Jan 6, 2014
If you provide a valid email address when submitting your job, results
will be emailed to you and will not appear on any publicly accessible webpage

Otherwise, you will need to remain on the page (refreshing occassionally) until the

results are available
Security For many confidential projects, it is an adequate security precaution to provide an email address,
which ensures that the results will be sent only to that address and will never appear on any publicly
accessible page of meilerlab.org.

For highly sensitive projects, however, this is insufficient as a security precuation because
a determined hacker could intercept your job parameters and re-rerun the job themselves.
Likewise, the only completely secure way of using our non-encrypted servers is to download the bcl
or other applications and run them yourself.

Meilerlab members: Login to see a summary listing of your results and private servers

For further help and questions related to servers please contact us