Publications of 2017
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Sangha AK, Dong J, Williamson L, Hashiguchi T, Saphire EO, Crowe JE Jr, Meiler J
Role of Non-local Interactions between CDR Loops in Binding Affinity of MR78 Antibody to Marburg Virus Glycoprotein.
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Axel W. Fischer, David M. Anderson, Maxx H. Tessmer, Dara W. Frank, Jimmy B. Feix, and Jens Meiler
Structure and Dynamics of Type III Secretion Effector Protein ExoU As determined by SDSL-EPR Spectroscopy in Conjunction with De Novo Protein Folding
ACS Omega
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Maik Tretbar, Christian B. W. Stark
Large-Scale Synthesis of Symmetric Tetramine Ligands by Using a Modular Double Reductive Amination Approach
European Journal of Organic Chemistry
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Burkert K, Zellmann T, Meier R, Kaiser A, Stichel J, Meiler J, Mittapalli GK, Roberts E, Beck-Sickinger AG
A Deep Hydrophobic Binding Cavity is the Main Interaction for Different Y2 R Antagonists.
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Hanker AB, Brewer MR, Sheehan JH, Koch JP, Sliwoski GR, Nagy R, Lanman R, Berger MF, Hyman DM, Solit DB, He J, Miller V, Cutler RE Jr, Lalani AS, Cross D, Lovly CM, Meiler J, Arteaga CL
An Acquired HER2T798I Gatekeeper Mutation Induces Resistance to Neratinib in a Patient with HER2 Mutant-Driven Breast Cancer.
Cancer Discov.
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Francois Berenger, Oanh Vu, and Jens Meiler
Consensus queries in ligand-based virtual screening experiments
J Cheminform.
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Christian Lis, Stefan Rubner, Martin Roatsch, Angela Berg, Tyler Gilcrest, Darwin Fu, Elizabeth Nguyen, Anne-Marie Schmidt, Harald Krautscheid, Jens Meiler & Thorsten Berg
Development of Erasin: a chromone-based STAT3 inhibitor which induces apoptosis in Erlotinib-resistant lung cancer cells
?Scientific Reports
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Voehler M, Ashoka MA, Meiler J, Bock PE
Carbon and amide detect backbone assignment methods of a novel repeat protein from the staphylocoagulase in S. aureus.
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Borza CM, Su Y, Tran TL, Yu L, Steyns N, Temple KJ, Skwark MJ, Meiler J, Lindsley CW, Hicks BR, Leitinger B, Zent R, Pozzi A
Discoidin domain receptor 1 kinase activity is required for regulating collagen IV synthesis.
Matrix Biol.
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Steven A. Combs, Benjamin K. Mueller , and Jens Meiler
Holistic Approach to Partial Covalent Interactions in Protein Structure Prediction and Design with Rosetta
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Butkiewicz M, Wang Y, Bryant SH, Lowe EW Jr, Weaver DC, Meiler J
High-Throughput Screening Assay Datasets from the PubChem Database.
Chem Inform.
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Schubert M, Stichel J, Du Y, Tough IR, Sliwoski G, Meiler J, Cox HM, Weaver CD, Beck-Sickinger AG.
Identification and Characterization of the First Selective Y4 Receptor Positive Allosteric Modulator.
J Med Chem
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Li B, Mendenhall J, Nguyen ED, Weiner BE, Fischer AW, Meiler J.
Improving prediction of helix-helix packing in membrane proteins using predicted contact numbers as restraints
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Teixeira PL, Mendenhall JL, Heinze S, Weiner B, Skwark MJ, Meiler J.
Membrane protein contact and structure prediction using co-evolution in conjunction with machine learning.
PLoS One
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Kharade SV, Sheehan JH, Figueroa EE, Meiler J, Denton JS
Pore Polarity and Charge Determine Differential Block of Kir1.1 and Kir7.1 Potassium Channels by Small-Molecule Inhibitor VU590.
Mol Pharmacol
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Li B, Mendenhall JL, Kroncke BM, Taylor KC, Huang H, Smith DK, Vanoye CG, Blume JD, George AL Jr, Sanders CR, Meiler J.
Predicting the Functional Impact of KCNQ1 Variants of Unknown Significance.
Circ Cardiovasc Genet.