Group Members


Matthias Spanka

Former Post-Doctoral Fellow

PhD, University of Leipzig, Germany
m.spanka [ at ]

Research Interests:

  • synthetic chemistry
  • organic chemistry
  • pharmaceutical chemistry
  • small molecule drug synthesis
  • computational chemistry
  • rational drug design

I started my education in chemistry at the University of Leipzig in 2010 with a specialization in organic chemistry. After graduating, I joined Prof. Schneider in 2016 to pursue my PhD studies on asymmetric organocatalysis. My primary interest was the development of new methodologies involving highly transient o-quinone methide intermediates in enantioselective transformations. Furthermore, I participated in multiple interdisciplinary research collaborations. Starting in April 2020, I joined the Meiler lab as post-doctoral researcher with the focus on teaching, rational in silico drug design, and synthesizing small molecule drugs.


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