Group Members


Amandeep Sangha

Former Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ph.D. Computational Chemistry, Boston University
amandeep.k.sangha [at]

Research Interests:

Discovery and design of filovirus neutralizing Abs: Ebola and Marburg viruses are among the deadliest filoviruses that cause hemorrhagic fever in humans with reported fatality rate of up to 90%. Currently, there are no approved vaccines or post-exposure treatments for filovirus infected patients. I am interested in investigating the structural determinants of human Abs that neutralize filoviruses to facilitate the development of vaccines and therapeutics against filoviruses. Using experimental restraints, such an EM density maps, antibody modeling will be used for epitope mapping. Human antibody repertoire will be screened to identify antibodies that could potentially evolve to neutralize Ebola and Marburg viruses.

[image id = 80]

Figure: Marurg virus glycoprotein interactions with a neutralizing antibody. Virus neutralization requires both heavy (yellow) and light (magenta) chain complementarity determining regions (CDRs) to interact with glycoprotein GP2 (green).