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Jarrod Smith

Former Research Faculty

Research Associate Professor, Ph.D.
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Kang, C.;Tian, C., Sonnichsen, F. D., Smith, J. A., Meiler, J., George, A. L., Jr., Vanoye, C. G., Kim, H. J., Sanders, C. R.
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Dong, E.;Smith, J., Heinze, S., Alexander, N., Meiler, J.
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Tao Yang;Jarrod A. Smith, Brenda F. Leake, Charles R. Sanders, Jens Meiler, and Dan M. Roden
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Brett M. Kroncke;Wade D. Van Horn, Jarrod Smith, CongBao Kang, Richard C. Welch, Yuanli Song, David P. Nannemann, Keenan C. Taylor, Nicholas J. Sisco, Alfred L. George Jr., Jens Meiler, Carlos G. Vanoye, Charles R. Sanders
Structural basis for KCNE3 modulation of potassium recycling in epithelia (2016) Science Advances

Hui Huang;G Kuenze, JA. Smith, KC. Taylor, AM. Duran, A Hadziselimovic, Jens Meiler, Carlos G. Vanoye, Alfred L. George Jr, C R. Sanders
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