Group Members


Karan Bhardwaj

Former Undergraduate Student

karan.a.bhardwaj [ at ]

Research Interests:

  • Rosetta
  • Structure prediction
  • Sparse EPR spectroscopy data

Structure determination has evolved leaps and bounds. A few such advances have been X-Ray crystallography and NMR. A computational approach, using a Monte Carlo Markov Chain, Rosetta, has also been such an advance (there have additionally been other programs that also use MCMC). However, when a plethora of well-taken data is unavailable for use in Rosetta, and sparse data must be used in structural prediction, computational prediction could prove to be difficult. I am working on a project that finds how sparse data can be in determining the final structure of proteins folded in silico, which then will be compared against the native structure of the relevant protein.



Supervised by: Diego del Alamo

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