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Nathan Alexander

Former Graduate Student

B.S. Chemistry, Baldwin-Wallace College
nathan.s.alexander [ at ]

Research Interests:

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Alexander, N.;Al-Mestarihi, A., Bortolus, M., McHaourab, H., Meiler, J.
De Novo High-Resolution Protein Structure Determination from Sparse Spin-Labeling EPR Data (2008) Structure

Dong, E.;Smith, J., Heinze, S., Alexander, N., Meiler, J.
BCL::Align-Sequence alignment and fold recognition with a custom scoring function online (2008) Gene

Kazmier K;Alexander NS, Meiler J, McHaourab HS
Algorithm for selection of optimized EPR distance restraints for de novo protein structure determination (2011) Journal of Structural Biology

Hirst SJ;Alexander N, McHaourab HS, Meiler J
RosettaEPR: an integrated tool for protein structure determination from sparse EPR data (2011) Journal of Structural Biology

Ned Van Eps;Anita M. Preininger, Nathan Alexander, Ali I. Kaya, Scott Meier, Jens Meiler, Heidi E. Hamm, and Wayne L. Hubbell
Interaction of a G protein with an activated receptor opens the interdomain interface in the alpha subunit (2011) PNAS

Nathan Alexander;Nils Woetzel, Jens Meiler
Bcl::Cluster: A method for clustering biological molecules coupled with visualization in the Pymol Molecular Graphics System (2011) IEEE Conference

Steffen Lindert;Nathan Alexander, Nils Woetzel, Mert Karakas, Phoebe L. Stewart, Jens Meiler
EM-Fold: De Novo Atomic-Detail Protein Structure Determination from Medium-Resolution Density Maps (2012) Structure

Miyeon Kima;Sergey A. Vishnivetskiy, Ned Van Eps, Nathan S. Alexander, Whitney M. Cleghorn, Xuanzhi Zhan, Susan M. Hanson, Takefumi Morizumi, Oliver P. Ernst, Jens Meiler, Vsevolod V. Gurevichc, and Wayne L. Hubbella
Conformation of receptor-bound visual arrestin (2012) PNAS

Mert Karakas;Nils Woetzel, Rene Staritzbichler, Nathan Alexander, Brian E. Weiner, Jens Meiler
BCL::Fold - De Novo Prediction of Complex and Large Protein Topologies by Assembly of Secondary Structure Elements (2012) PLOS One

Brian E. Weiner;Nils Woetzel, Mert Karakas, Nathan Alexander, Jens Meiler
BCL::MP-Fold: Folding Membrane Proteins through Assembly of Transmembrane Helices (2013) Structure

Nathan S. Alexander;Richard A. Stein, Hanane A. Koteiche, Kristian W. Kaufmann, Hassane S. Mchaourab, Jens Meiler
RosettaEPR: Rotamer Library for Spin Label Structure and Dynamics (2013) PLOS One

Brian E. Weiner;Nathan Alexander, Louesa R. Akin, Nils Woetzel, Mert Karakas, and Jens Meiler
BCL::Fold protein topology determination from limited NMR restraints (2013) Proteins

Nathan S. Alexander;Anita M. Preininger, Ali I. Kaya, Richard A. Stein, Heidi E. Hamm, Jens Meiler
Energetic analysis of the rhodopsin G protein complex links the α5 helix to GDP release (2013) Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

Axel Fischer;Nathan Alexander, Nils Woetzel, Mert Karakas , Brian E. Weiner, Jens Meiler
BCL::MP Fold: Membrane protein structure prediction guided by EPR restraints (2015) Proteins

Ulrike Krug;Nathan S. Alexander, Richard A. Stein, Antje Keim, Hassane S. Mchaourab, Norbert Strater, and Jens Meiler
Characterization of the Domain Orientations of E. coli 5?-Nucleotidase by Fitting an Ensemble of Conformers to DEER Distance Distributions (2016) Structure

Gajewski S, ;Waddell MB, Vaithiyalingam S, Nourse A, Li Z, Woetzel N, Alexander N, Meiler J, White SW
Structure and mechanism of the phage T4 recombination mediator protein UvsY. (2016) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A