Group Members


Saksham Phul

Current Programmer

MS in Chemical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, USA
saksham.phul [ at ]
Vanderbilt University - MBRIII 5140 Office Suite

Research Interests:

  • Scientific Computing
  • HPC
  • Machine Learning
  • Atomic-scale Simulations
  • Chemical Kinetics

My responsibility involves independently overseeing and supervising research projects as well as performing near to totally independent research. It also involves the set-up and operation of various scientific experiments that involve complex software, pipelines, high-performance computing clusters, and software in the Meiler Lab. I am currently working on the integration of TensorFlow with BioChemistryLibrary(BCL) and building a SQL database for the upcoming new website. I aspire to implement machine learning techniques and utilize high-performance computing architecture to push our limitations in the field of drug design and protein folding.

Publication List:

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  • Publications