Group Members


Kristina Vogel

Current Post-Doctoral Fellow

M.Sc in Biochemistry., University of Leipzig, Germany
kristina.vogel [ at ]

Research Interests:

    • Protein expression and purification
    • Function of lipocalin 2
    • Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
    • SAR-by-NMR

Project Description:

My research focuses on the lipocalin 2 function and specifically its role in wound healing. Once its role has been confirmed, the goal is to identify drug molecules for clinical trials. Using Structure Activity Relation by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (SAR-by-NMR), thousands of fragments will be screened for their ability to bind to lipocalin 2. Small molecule probes that inhibit or modulate the function of lipocalin 2 would be a tool to study its role in wound healing and validate it as a putative target for therapeutic intervention.

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