Group Members


Lars Wuensch

Current Teaching Faculty

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Liepzig University, Germany
lars.wuensch [ at ]
Leipzig University

Research Interests:

  • pharmacopoeial analysis
  • practical implementation of regulatory standards
  • development of alternative testing methods of pharmaceutical substances/drugs for practical purposes

 I previously studied pharmacy at Leipzig University in Germany, where during my studies, I worked as a student associate.
After graduating, I taught pharmaceutical technicians in Leipzig and Dresden, and held a lectureship in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry, legal matters and analytical aspects. As the head of division of vocational education and training of the Chamber of Pharmacists in Saxony-Anhalt, I organized and conducted advanced training courses and exams. Additionally, I was responsible for the execution of legal provisions. During this time, I taught lectures and ran seminars in the fields of pharmaceutical chemistry. Moreover, I was the supervisor of various practical pharmaceutical courses during my study of pharmacy. Working as a research assistant at Leipzig University, I is also a member of several examination commission boards for state examinations in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. As a member of the Saxon board of the German Association of Pharmacists (DPhG), the Assembly of the Saxon Chamber of Pharmacists and the study commission of the Medical Faculty at Leipzig University, I try to improve the quality of studying pharmacy and to deepen the theory-practice relationship for all involved persons.

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