Group Members


Hongming Shang

Current Undergraduate Student

current undergraduate
Hongming.shang [ at ]

Research Interests:

  • Marburg Virus
  • Mini-GP1-domain antigen design
  • Antibody-antigen interaction
  • Rosetta
  • NMR and X-ray Crystallography


Project Description:

Marburg virus infections are rare, but they are often severe and can lead to lethal outcomes. My research focus is on designing a Marburg Virus mini-GP1-domain that could stimulate cell responses to generate ideal antibodies preventing viruses from entering the host cell. Using computational method Rosetta, the design potential mini-GP1-domains of the Marburg virus glycoprotein will be designed. Next, I will express the mutagenesis designed proteins in EL21 cells and purify those proteins with IMAC and SEC. Finally, I will explore the binding affinity and shape of those novel engineered proteins and find one that most efficiently stimulates antibody production to avoid virus invasion.


Mentored by Clara T. Schoeder

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